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Welcome to our school website. We hope that you find the website interesting and informative and that it gives you a flavour of who we are as a Catholic learning community. 

St Matthew’s is founded and sustained by the truth of the Gospel and the teaching of the Church. It is our faith which gives shape and meaning to all we do.

We believe that we are partners with families in each child’s journey of faith and foster this by creating a unique spiritual development programme to nurture their spirituality. We are proud to be a Catholic school, and greatly value the fruitful partnerships with our primary schools, sixth form colleges and parishes.

Our school mission statement can be summarised as ‘pray, care and achieve’ and we encourage and enable all our pupils to make real that mission statement in their own life and that of the school community.

We are a community made up of dedicated staff and motivated learners. Pupils are relentlessly challenged to achieve the best that they can. At St Matthew’s we value each pupil as unique and special, made in God’s image and likeness. We do all we can to make sure they are happy, feel safe, work enthusiastically, make excellent academic progress and contribute to improving the school and the wider community.


St Matthew's News

Humanities - Year 7 Homework Challenge
Humanities department are setting a challenge for all Year 7 students to make a ‘Shoebox Ecosystem’. They can choose to make their shoebox on a:· Trop...
St Matthew's RC High School raised £185.50
Students at St Matthew's RC High School raised £185.50 for the British Legion during the Poppy Appeal. A Special thank you to Isabelle and Keane who p...
Exciting Building Developments Over The Summer
Over the summer, many of our facilities and support staff have worked tirelessly with building contractors to make sure that many changes and new deve...
Congratulations Class of 2017!
On Thursday 24th August, the class of 2017 collected their GCSE results. There were a number of amazing individual performances for lots of our studen...

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Welcome Back
Welcome back to school to all our pupils! A new school year brings opportunities for us all, often recognising these opportunities and being quick to take them up is the biggest challenge we face. Thi...

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YR.11 GCSE EXAMS MONDAY 21st MAY : There are no exams today. Use all revision lessons well today, keep your focus.… https://t.co/Vak7DZPYmn
RT @smrchs
RT @SMRCHS_PA: Good luck today to our wonderful year 11 Drama GCSE students! Ms O’Brien and Miss Ackers are so proud. You can do it! 🎭🌟
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YR.11 GCSE EXAMS FRIDAY 18th MAY : This morning is French, and Drama and PE this afternoon #youcandoit #classof2018 #success #letsdothis
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RT @SMRCHS_PA: Year 11 - Keep revising! You can do it 🌟
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RT @SMRCHS_PA: Fantastic rehearsals from some of our fabulous year 7 today 🎭🌟 #weloveSMRCHS #melodrama https://t.co/muUicXyM73
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We are looking forward to the "Royal" themed menu in the canteen tomorrow to mark the Royal Wedding on Saturday. Ou… https://t.co/Sz52WMOmFq
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Well Done to Harry in Yr.9 for picking up display work from the floor and making sure staff were aware of it fallin… https://t.co/QimxMuPD5r
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A reminder of the 2 week challenge set in assemblies this week. Show that YOU love YOUR school community! How? Kind… https://t.co/QPDQ3aF5vF
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Well Done to our Student Council for leading assemblies this week, and for the great job they do with interviewing… https://t.co/2HrpGWDNdE
RT @smrchs
Well Done to the pupils who have shown their appreciation for the assemblies delivered this week, and expressed the… https://t.co/EAbzTpPx4I
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Well Done to Lacey in Yr.7 for the kindness, support and reassurance shown to her friend when she was unwell yester… https://t.co/uAgZlwGy1s
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Well Done to Mrs Chapman for meeting the challenge set in assemblies this week! Carrying out a good deed, reuniting… https://t.co/kBpEFBbIbL
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St. Matthews's Young Musician of the Year competition 2018 is next Tuesday 22nd May at 7pm. Come and join us for a… https://t.co/efEW2GegNX
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YR.11 GCSE EXAMS THURSDAY 17th MAY : This morning is Chemistry Unit 1, and Computer Science this afternoon… https://t.co/l74mU5NNIt
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YR.11 GCSE EXAMS WEDNESDAY 16th MAY : This morning is PE, and RE Component 2 this afternoon #youcandoit #classof2018 #success #letsdothis
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RT @smrchsRE: Year 11....TeamRE is available this evening to answer any Life & Death or Sin & Forgiveness questions you may have. Send a DM…
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