Through the teaching of mathematics at St Matthew's we aim to stimulate, develop and maintain students' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in mathematics, to maximise each student's mathematical potential, to develop each student's ability to communicate mathematically in the key themes of – Number and Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure and Handling Data to promote a variety of mathematical teaching and learning methods (including ICT, investigative and practical work) to raise achievement of students working individually, in pairs or in groups, to allow students to develop transferable mathematical skills that will aid their progression in other areas of the curriculum and to provide mathematical continuity and progression from Key Stage 2, through Key Stages 3 and 4 and prepare students for Mathematics at Key Stage 5 or for life and work outside of education.

At the end of his/her mathematical education at St Matthew's each student will be able to experience satisfaction in and pleasure from his/her mathematical achievements, to obtain the highest Mathematics GCSE grade of which he/she is capable, to solve mathematical problems, communicating their answers through clear and logical reasoning both verbally and on paper, to approach a variety of problems and tasks systematically, choosing the appropriate techniques or strategies independently or through collaboration, to approach numerical or mathematical problems occurring elsewhere in the curriculum confidently and competently and to perform the basic mathematical skills required for entry into higher or further education or needed in his/her chosen career.

Homework / Assessment

Homework booklets are used for years 7 to 10 and these focus on the skills required to be successful at GCSE and build on or consolidate prior knowledge. Pupils complete one sheet per week and the scores are recorded on the front of the booklet. These marks are recorded by the teacher also so that we can compare scores across a class and year group.

At St. Matthew’s we use a variety of assessment techniques to identify the areas of strength and areas to develop for each pupil. As a result we can offer appropriate and accurate intervention. A part of the ongoing assessment of pupils is the setting, completion and marking of homework when appropriate. Whenever a piece of work is marked by the teacher they will offer opportunities to either correct any errors or extend the pupils understanding.

Resources and Facilities

The department has ten teaching classrooms, all equipped with interactive whiteboards. All pupils have an individual login for Mathswatch and Hegarty Maths website. These websites offers support and extra resources to assist your child in accessing the maths curriculum.

There are opportunities throughout the year to be involved in national competitions held by the UKMT and individual teachers also run revision sessions for pupils in year 11.