Provide high quality musical experiences to every child, regardless of their background, gender, race or ability, raise and celebrate achievement within the music both within and outside the normal curriculum, develop intellectual and creative capabilities, which can enhance children’s learning in other curriculum areas, increase aesthetic awareness and an appreciation of non-verbal communication, build self-confidence and self-expression and the ability to empathise with others, promote community awareness and involvement, promote and extend opportunities in the music beyond the statutory nature of the school, music is a very powerful tool that has the capability of dramatically improving and enhancing the intelligence of youth, the study of music allows the new generation of young people to excel more on creative thinking, problem solving and perceiving life positively, it can boost a child’s IQ and raise aspirations, leading to achievement of greater self esteem, it develops study skills, concentration, communication skills and self discipline, it leads to a better understanding of the community and society, it positively enhances team skills including better attitude and positive approach to every aspect of life and with these principles in mind, it is every child’s right to receive a thorough and rigorous musical education, including where possible the study of a musical instrument and or voice.

All KS3 students receive one hour’s music tuition per week on a class basis, delivered by specialist music teachers. The emphasis is very much on practical work, with all students receiving basic keyboard instruction to enable them to perform music of different genres and to compose and record their own music.

At KS4 the department follows the AGA GCSE Music Specification.

Homework and Assessment

All pupils who play an instrument are encouraged to practice at home as homework. However the department occasionally sets homework of the listening/research nature as not all pupils have access to a suitable instrument at home. Assessment occurs on a regular basis in each lesson where students have opportunities for peer and self- assessment as well as teacher led assessment.


The Department is very well resourced with two fully equipped music rooms both with 15 workstations consisting of computer, keyboard and music software. We have a fully equipped recording studio and two music practice rooms. The department also has a large number of instruments available for students to loan.

Extra-Curricular and Extended Learning

The department offers free tuition on Guitar, Percussion, Woodwind, String, Upper Brass and Lower Brass, all delivered by expert staff in the chosen field and students are encouraged to take advantage of this free instrumental tuition. In many cases the department can provide an instrument free of charge as well as the tuition.

The department currently runs the following Musical Units;

  • Concert Band
  • Singing Group
  • XBand (pop/rock)
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Woodwind Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Brass Ensemble