About Us

Message from the Headteacher

I am driven by a desire to create a vibrant learning culture. I am a caring person and have a high regard for the well-being of all individuals whilst being uncompromising in expecting the highest standards of myself and others. These are challenging and exciting times for St Matthew’s and I intend using all my experience, skills and contacts to ensure that our children are taught by the very best teachers and have access to the most up-to-date resources.

I am a parent and therefore know how precious every child is. I am committed to working in partnership with parents and know that by working together we will ensure that every child enjoys school, is happy and has the opportunity to thrive and achieve their best.

I will be keeping the messages to children simple, respect your learning and the learning of others. Most importantly all pupils will be told by me that I expect them to respond appropriately to any reasonable request from an adult in school.

I look forward to meeting you all and being of service to our school community, as we embark on a period of great and exciting change.

Helen Murden