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SEN & Disability Arrangements

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The governors actively promote an inclusive education policy for pupils with special educational needs. They seek to offer equal opportunities for all pupils and aim to develop pupils’ potential and promote independent learning.

The school follows both the Manchester Staged Procedures and the Code of Practice, for the assessment evaluation and provision of pupils needs. The school SEND list is reviewed and up-dated regularly. Provision is based, where possible, upon pupil needs, and is defined in the school S.E.N.D policy (available from the school). The governors seek to promote the involvement of parents at all stages, and seek to develop close liaison and co-operation with all outside agencies.

If you are applying for a place at St Matthew’s and your child does not have an EHCP (Education and Health Care plan), please apply for a place via the common transfer form that is available from the LEA. This applies if your child is going through an SEN statutory assessment, but doesn’t have an EHCP or if your child’s school has an Individual Pupil Resource Agreement in place. If your child is going into year 7, their primary school will explain your child’s needs to us, during the transition process.

If your child has an  Education and Health Care plan and is leaving primary school, your local education authority will write asking for your preference, they will then consult with us as to whether we can meet your child’s needs. We will then ask you and your child to visit school before we make a response. The local authority will then write to say which school has a place for your child.

For more information about admissions for children with special education needs please see the Manchester City Council 'MCC-School places for children with special educational needs' link on this page.

Details of the support that St Matthew’s can offer for pupils with Special Educational Needs and disabilities are outlined in our SEND Policy and Accessibility Plan or alternatively please contact school and ask to speak to our SENCO. Details of the ‘Local Offer’ by Manchester Local Authority for children and young people with SEND and disabilities can be found by using the link on this page.


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