At St Matthew’s RC High School, our intention is to deliver a curriculum that provides Catholic excellence for all students. We will build on achievements at KS2, fully develop the National Curriculum at KS3, and lead to outcomes at KS4 which ensure all students are prepared for their future. We believe that a curriculum which provides Catholic excellence is one which ensures all students succeed in aspiring to 'be the best version of themselves'.

The curriculum will be delivered by practitioners who have the pedagogical expertise to ensure students increasingly acquire new skills and knowledge that they can apply with confidence and enthusiasm.

In addition to providing academic expertise, the curriculum will include opportunities for students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. It will include a comprehensive careers education programme, and will ensure students understand British values. Furthermore, the curriculum will give students the opportunity to understand how to make healthy choices, how to keep safe and how to understand risks in life.

Finally, the curriculum will be enriched through a variety of experiences which develop the students' appreciation of the world beyond school. They will be encouraged to find, nurture and celebrate their talents through extracurricular activities that will develop sporting, musical, creative and technological talents, alongside academic achievements. In aiming to become the best version of themselves, they will be living out the words of Pope Francis, who encourages all young people to 'make the world a better men and women with others and for others, true champions in the service of others'.