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Our Curriculum

At St Matthew’s RC High School, our intention is to deliver a knowledge rich, progression planned curriculum that provides Catholic excellence for all students. We will build on their knowledge and achievements at KS2 and deliver a broad and aspirational National Curriculum at KS3. This ambitious and well sequenced curriculum at KS3 ensures students have all of the knowledge, understanding and skills expected at the end of this key stage in their learning journey. As a result of this, students will have the knowledge and learner characteristics needed to succeed throughout KS4 and ultimately, support them to achieve good outcomes. These outcomes prepare our students for their future pathways. We believe that a curriculum which provides Catholic excellence is one which ensures all students succeed in aspiring to 'be the best version of themselves'.

Our curriculum is planned by knowledgeable and passionate subject leaders, and is delivered by practitioners who have the pedagogical expertise to ensure students increasingly acquire new knowledge and skills that they can apply with confidence and enthusiasm. Our continued focus on curriculum allows for our teachers to regularly reflect and evaluate the intent and implementation in their own classrooms and subject areas.

In addition to providing academic expertise, the curriculum will include opportunities for students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. These skills are discreetly delivered though different subject areas, but also an explicit timetabled activity through our form time curriculum.  It will also include a comprehensive careers education programme, and will ensure students understand British values. Furthermore, the curriculum will give students the opportunity to understand how to make healthy choices, how to keep safe and how to understand risks in life.

Curriculum Enrichment

Our curriculum is enriched through a variety of experiences which develop the students' appreciation of the world beyond school. They will be encouraged to find, nurture and celebrate their talents through extracurricular activities that will develop sporting, musical, creative and technological talents, alongside academic achievements. In aiming to become the best version of themselves, they will be living out the words of Pope Francis, who encourages all young people to 'make the world a better men and women with others and for others, true champions in the service of others'.

Our Curriculum Framework

Our curriculum framework adheres to the statutory requirements for all maintained schools in England. Below are the subjects taught at KS3 and 4.

Design and Technology

As a catholic school, Religious Education is central to our curriculum model, which therefore goes beyond the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. Our RE curriculum meets the standards of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory, and in line with their guidance, 10% of the school’s curriculum is given to the teaching of RE.

In combination with our school SENCO and in accordance with statutory requirements, we are inclusive in all approaches to ensure our disabled pupils participate in the school’s curriculum as far as is reasonably practical.

Our school operates on a fortnightly timetable, with pupils being taught 3 subjects each day. We have 2 2-hour lessons and 1 1-hour lesson each day. Over the fortnight pupils will access all of their school curriculum areas. Below is the detail on how many hours each week is allocated to each subject area.

KS3 Curriculum

Our KS3 Curriculum is delivered over three years. All pupils in KS3 study the full breadth of the National Curriculum, plus RE and Drama. In addition to this, all pupils across both key stages have one hour of PSHE per week.

KS4 Curriculum

At KS4, pupils elect to focus on 3 subject areas, alongside our core national curriculum subjects throughout Year 10 and Year 11. In addition to this, all pupils across both key stages have one hour of PSHE per week.