Our Rationale:

‘To inspire pupils in how to develop their creativity and ideas through a range of techniques / media and increase their proficiency in their execution and handling of different materials’

Our intent: 

At St Matthew’s, we want to teach students about the history of art and inspire them to analyse and evaluate their own work and that of others in order to strengthen the visual impact or application of their own outcomes.

To allow students opportunities to learn through practical activities, using a range of different mediums and introducing them to a range of successful artists who have influenced art movements through the ages.

Through a range of projects in Key Stage 3 we aim to ensure that pupils understand how to respond to briefs looking at and using the style and content of related Artists to influence their own interpretation. Projects are designed to teach pupils how to use different tools, materials and techniques to reach an outcome that shows their skills and development in the subject.  

At the end of his/her Art education at St Matthew's, we hope to inspire each student to:

 Become confident in their abilities as Artists

  • Use the work of traditional and contemporary artists to inspire and influence their work
  • Develop a range of images through the application of techniques in different mediums
  • Be able to develop and improve their work through feedback from staff and peers
  • Have a greater understanding of Art movements and their influences on society

Homework / Assessment

Each project has a number of assessment points where work is graded and an overall average grade is given during assessment points. In Key Stage 4 assessments are carried out regularly on key pieces of coursework. Catch up sessions for key stage 4 are on offer each week

Homework is set regularly in all year groups to support and extend in-class learning. Homework may be independent research, designing, revision or written tasks. Homework tasks are also assessed as part of the final grade outcome so it is important that they are completed on a regular basis.

Rewards and recognition:

Regular updates of displays around school and the classrooms demonstrate students work. Postcards and texts are sent home to inform parents of any outstanding progress by good workers. Celebrations of success, as well as key information, are regularly posted on the department’s Twitter feed @smrchs_art_tech