Design and Technology

Our Rationale:

‘To design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts considering their own and other’s needs, wants and values’’.

Our Intent:

At St Matthew’s, we want to allow students opportunities to learn through practical activities, teach them how to be resilient, resourceful, innovative and capable citizens with an understanding of a designers responsibility to protect the world in which we live.

Through our broad curriculum in Design Technology, we aim to ensure that pupils understand how to respond to design briefs with innovative and creative design ideas then to see these concepts realised through the application of a range of practical skills in Food, Textiles, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Media.

At the end of his/her Design Technology education at St Matthew's, we hope to inspire each student to:

  • Become confident in their abilities as designers
  • Express their ideas clearly and creatively through a range of drawing and sketching techniques
  • Be able to write a clear and concise specification for products they create
  • Have a greater understanding of environmental issues and the role of a designer to combat these
  • Gain a wide experience of practical skills in all areas of Technology
  • Understand how to make nutritional meals that support healthy lifestyles
  • Know how to make changes to support the environment both as a designer and as a consumer
  • Achieve the highest GCSE grade they are able to in whichever area they choose to specialise in
  • Go on to question, design, inspire and create solutions


Formal assessments are completed at the end of the school year in year 7 and 8 to consolidate all of their learning in every area of Design Technology.

In Key Stage 4 assessments are carried out regularly during revision periods and through whole school Pre -Public exams (PPE’s)

Homework is set regularly in all year groups to support and extend in-class learning.

Homework may be independent research, designing, revision or written tasks.

Rewards and Recognition:

Students are encouraged to earn achievement points through the school reward system. At the end of food practical lessons we award a ‘Chef of the Day’ certificate.

We have a ‘Star of the Week’ board in the department which is regularly updated with examples of students work which has gone ‘above and beyond’ the basic standard expected

Celebrations of success, as well as key information, are regularly posted on the department’s Twitter feed @smrchs_art_tech.