Our Rationale:

‘To understand the World through the written word and master its power to become leaders of our own.’

Our Intent:

At St Matthew’s, we want to create lifelong learners, who value the written and spoken word. Through our broad curriculum in English, we aim to ensure that pupils understand the power of the written word and the impact it can have on the people and World around them. We study a range of texts and written skills to ensure our learners appreciate a variety of cultures, opinions and ideas. We aim to achieve excellence by ensuring our learners are challenged through the texts we use and encouraged to use their imagination and creativity through the work we produce.

At the end of his/her English education at St Matthew's, we hope to inspire each student to:

  • Become confident in their understanding and command of the English Language
  • Express their ideas clearly and creatively
  • Write successfully for a range of purposes
  • Approach texts critically and perceptively
  • Gain a wide experience of literature through the reading of full texts and extracts
  • Achieve the highest GCSE grade they are able to
  • Go on to think, create, report, invent, write and lead
  • Use the written and spoken word effectively to be the best version of themselves

Homework / Assessment

Formal assessments are completed each half-term, with end of year examinations for each year group taking place in July. Teachers will also closely monitor progress through a variety of assessment methods.The Year 10 pupils will sit their English Literature GCSE at the end of year 10 and English Language at the end of year 11. Homework is set weekly for all year groups and aims to consolidate an extend in-class learning. Homework may be independent research, revision or written tasks.

Rewards and Recognition

Students are encouraged to earn achievement points through the school reward system and are recognised for excellence on the recognition and reward boards.

Celebrations of success, as well as key information, are regularly posted on the department’s Twitter feed @SMRCHS_English.