Modern Foreign Languages

Our rationale:

‘Learning a MFL should enable students to discover knowledge which they can reflect upon and adapt to new situations in order to become successful independent learners with a deeper understanding of the world and other cultures’.

Découvrir/Réfléchir/Réussir (discover/reflect/succeed).

Our Intent:

At St Matthew’s, we want to create learners, who value other cultures, diversity and the world around us. Through our curriculum in French, German, Spanish, we aim to ensure that pupils understand the power of language learning in order to become citizens of the world. We develop their skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing in order to ensure our learners appreciate a variety of cultures, opinions and ideas. We aim to achieve excellence by ensuring our learners are challenged to be the best versions of themselves.

At the end of his/her education in MFL at St Matthew's, we hope to inspire each student to:

  • Become confident in their understanding and command of a modern foreign language
  • Express their ideas clearly and creatively in a modern foreign language
  • Write successfully for a range of purposes modern foreign language
  • Analyse a range of written texts in the target language, understanding inference.
  • Listen carefully to a wide range of spoken texts in the target language, identifying key ideas
  • Translate into and from the modern foreign language
  • Achieve the highest GCSE grades possible
  • Develop the resilience to achieve well in a range of subjects
  • Use the skills they have learned from a modern foreign language to a variety of situations and circumstances in life
  • Have a growth mindset


All four language skills are regularly practised and there is scope for differentiating the work according to the needs of individual pupils. Assessment is carried out by means of formal testing at the end of each unit of work, testing listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, to give up to date levels. The levels are recorded centrally to facilitate identification of individual progress and needs and to track progress. Pupils are given the opportunity to respond constructively to their results.

Formative assessment is measured using a prepared differentiated progress booklet, in addition to vocabulary learning. These will be completed as homework. Progress booklets test reading and writing skills in addition to some background and cultural knowledge.

Rewards and recognition:

Students are encouraged to earn achievement points through the school reward system and are recognised for excellence on the recognition boards. Pupils will also receive Praise Postcards and text messages/phone calls home to celebrate their achievements.

Celebrations of success, as well as key information, are regularly posted on the departmental Instagram page @smrchs_mfl