Our Rationale:

‘To deepen our understanding of the wider world outside of the classroom, allowing us to make informed choices about our health, rights and responsibilities enabling us to become well rounded citizens of our community and leaders of our own future.’

Our Intent:

At St Matthew’s, we want to create opportunities to deepen our pupils understanding of life in the local community and the wider world, outside of the classroom. We aim to develop our pupils understanding of democracy, good health, and finance, enabling them to value the rule of law and British Values through our broad curriculum in PSHE. We aim to ensure that pupils have the knowledge to make decisions, make the right choices on their journey through adulthood, and understand the impact the wrong decision can have on the people and World around them. We study a range of topics to ensure our learners appreciate a variety of cultures, opinions and ideas. We aim to achieve excellence by ensuring our learners participate in discussions and practical activities to enable them to develop as learner and citizens. They are challenged through the topics we study and encouraged to use their integrity throughout the lessons and the work we produce.

At the end of his/her PSHE education at St Matthew's, we hope to inspire each student to:

  • Become confident in their understanding of the following three topics; Living in the wider world, Relationships and Healthy Living.
  • Become active members of both their school and local community
  • Have aspirations and belief in themselves as learners and as citizens
  • Express their ideas clearly and creatively through the use of regular discussions
  • Write successfully for a range of purposes
  • Approach texts and information critically and perceptively
  • Go on to approach different situations in a well-informed way
  • Use the knowledge they gain in the lessons effectively to be the best version of


Students are assessed by their teacher every half term. This is completed through a mixture of discussion work, practical activities and written activities.

Rewards and Recognition:

Students are encouraged to earn achievement points through the school reward system and are recognised for excellence through our PSHE Champion certificates. These are given out every lesson for excellent contribution and effort in the learning.

Celebrations of success, as well as key information, are regularly posted on the department’s Instagram @smrchs_pshe