Our Rationale:

Through teaching Science, we aim to inspire, in all children, a curiosity of the world around them and the role they play in how it works.

Our Intent:

At St Matthew's, we want our pupils to be inquisitive and have a healthy curiosity about our universe and the living and non-living  world. The programmes of study that we have developed, enable the pupils to develop scientific skills, acquire knowledge regarding key concepts, as well as learning crucial life skills such as working as part of a team, as well as independently. Each unit of work throughout the 5 years, allows the pupils to build upon the learning and skill development from previous units of work. We aim to achieve excellence by stretching all pupils, from day one at St Matthew's and showing them that hard work and resilience are needed to be successful.

At the end of his/her Science education at St Matthew's, we hope to inspire each student to:

  • Understand the importance of science and how it links to the living and non-living world around us
  • Have the confidence to use scientific knowledge and specific scientific language to explain how key concepts work
  • Be inquisitive and have the confidence to ask how and why
  • Work hard to enable them to reach their own potential
  • Achieve the highest GCSE grade that they are able to


The attainment of KS3 and KS4 pupils is assessed through end of topic tests, factual recall tests and homework activities. For KS4 pupils, full GCSE past papers are used to assess progress at regular intervals throughout the year. Both KS3 and KS4 homework is set on a weekly basis using an online programme called EDUCAKE ( All Pupils have their own login and password to complete this work and can also use this resource for revision.

Rewards and recognition:

Pupils are encouraged to earn achievement points through the school reward system and are recognised for excellence on the recognition boards. Pupils also receive praise phone calls and post cards for completing outstanding work and/or having an excellent attitude towards learning.