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Careers Education

Careers Lead: Ms J Ackers -

Our aim is to engage you in your own career planning. This will support you with making a well-informed realistic decision on leaving St. Matthew’s based on the; skills, knowledge and understanding you have gained of yourself.

You will gain self-awareness, will be able to match the outcomes to the opportunities open to you, and will be equipped with the skills required to move along your chosen careers path.

Careers education, information, advice and guidance lessons (CEIAG) are delivered by form tutors and take place during PSHE lessons throughout the year. In addition, key information is delivered in form time and during assemblies throughout the year.

The different activities that the you will cover on Careers education during PSHE include:

  • Understanding others / empathy
  • Building Relationships for success /understanding different personalities
  • Making Good Impressions / managing Responses
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Setting goals for success
  • Making the right decision / managing responses
  • Managing time effectively
  • Building resilience and managing stress
  • Reality check / life as an adult / my future life
  • Finance for your future / salaries
  • Options after St Matthew’s

Use the link on this page to see our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Curriculum Plan document.

All pupils will have opportunities to develop their working skills through careers fairs, events and trips outside of school.

Independent Careers Advisor: Ms V Worrall

All pupils have access to an individual interview with an Independent Careers Advisor during Key Stage 4. The programme of interviews starts during year 10 and continues into Year 11, with the aim that all year 11 pupils will have met with the careers advisor before the applications for post 16 education have to been submitted. 

Individual guidance interviews take place with an independent careers advisor who is based in school for 2 days a week.  The formal programme of interviews begins in year 10 and continues into year 11, but parents and pupils of year 8 and 9 can request an interview if they wish by using the below email. If you have a question about careers and your future Mrs Worrall will be happy to help!

The advisor is also available for consultation at the Parents’ Evenings in Year 9, 10 and 11.

We measure and monitor the effectiveness of our Careers Programme by tracking our destinations information year on year. We also carry out pupil voice exercises and continually evaluate and review our careers "offer" to pupils.

 Additional Information and Support

St Matthew's Careers Education

For useful links to Careers Information please use the buttons on this page. Here you can find information about options for when you leave school, labour market information and how you can support yourself (or your child if a parent/carer) in taking the next step in careers. You can also view the Latest Destinations Figures.

If you are an employer or professional looking to volunteer to support our careers programme please get in touch with Jodie Ackers and see our Provider Access statement for more information.

 *we continue to review the information presented on this page to ensure it is fully up to date. Please continue to visit this page for updates.

CEIAG Monthly Messages can be found in the links section.