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Homework - RRR

RRR Tasks

The work that pupils are expected to complete outside of their timetabled lessons is known as RRR.  Retrieval, Repetition and Reading activities are set by all subject areas throughout each half term. These tasks are set with a clear purpose, and are linked to the knowledge and skills pupils need in different subject areas. In addition to this, we ask all of our pupils to read independently for at least 20 minutes each day.

Retrieval, this is when pupils are set tasks that require them to recall knowledge previously learnt.
Repetition, this is when pupils practice specific tasks and activities, requiring them to apply their knowledge and understanding. This supports the process of embedding knowledge and understanding to their long-term memory.
Reading, these tasks promote the importance of reading across all subject areas. It exposes pupils to subject specific vocabulary in a variety of contexts.
All RRR work is set through Edulink, our communication platform. It will state which R is the focus of the task, and teachers will set the deadline for it.  When pupils complete an RR&R task – they should tick to let their teacher and people at home know you have completed it. Your teacher will do the same to confirm that it has been completed. Pupils are expected to complete this work at home, or when attending our RRR enrichment opportunities taking place before school at lunchtimes and afterschool.  Please see the enrichment timetable for this.

 All year groups have their own RRR timetable which you can access through this page. This communicates when RRR tasks are set and by which subject. We will reward pupils for their RRR completion and achievements.

Where RRR work is not completed, or not of a quality expected, we will require pupils to catch up or repeat work where needed. Individual year group RRR timetables are sent out to all pupils and parents at the start of each term.