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Extra Curricular

Our curriculum is enriched through a variety of experiences which develop the students' appreciation of the world beyond school. They will be encouraged to find, nurture and celebrate their talents through extracurricular activities that will develop sporting, musical, creative and technological talents, alongside academic achievements. In aiming to become the best version of themselves, they will be living out the words of Pope Francis, who encourages all young people to 'make the world a better men and women with others and for others, true champions in the service of others'.

As St Matthew’s, we offer a wide and varied range of extracurricular opportunities to all of our learners. These take place before and after school, and during lunchtimes. We actively encourage all pupils to sign up to at least on extracurricular activity each half term, and reward pupils that do.

We believe that there are many benefits this brings our pupils  inclusive of  learning and developing new skills, meeting new people and teachers, and of course having fun and enjoying a range of healthy hobbies and interest. For our older pupils in particular, we understand that they will be writing personal statements and completing application forms for further study or employment opportunities, and being able to reference taking part in extracurricular opportunities is advantageous.

We are continuing to add new opportunities all the time, so please keep checking the extracurricular timetable on the websites for updates